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I am suing my ex in family court for contempt of court- he has decided to stop making support payments

Q: our divorce agreement calls for him to make child support payments of $1300 per month and also to give me the social security money she receives- and alimony- and pay for 1/2 of medical expenses- the decree says even if the child moves in with him for 6 months he is required to make the payment- he stopped making payments immediately and 6 months ago stopped making alimony payments- he refuses to pay 1/2 the medical costs for the past 2 years which now total $15 k- i have gone to family court and started a contempt of court action- is it necessary to hire an attorney? money is very tight due to his non payments to me-

A: David’s Answer: Usually agreements provide that attorney’s fees are mandatory upon a breach. Thus, review the default (as well as the default notice) provisions of your agreement. That said, it’s almost always better to have an attorney representing you in Family Court cases. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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