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How does spousal support work Bronx NY?

Q: I make almost three times what my husband makes and we have two children. I would be the custodial parent. I would have to pay him spousal support? What about kids tuition, medical and all the extras I pay. How could I be expected to pay him while he lives scott free with his mistreess blocks away from our home? He is currently giving me $300 every two weeks but recently stopped. We have been separated 3 months. What do I do?

A: David’s Answer: Merely because he earns more than you doesn’t mean you necessarily pay him spousal support. While there are calculators to figure out presumptive levels of maintenance (i.e., spousal support), there are numerous factors the court may use to deviate from the presumptive number. Schedule a consult with Bronx Alimony attorney for a full assessment.

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