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How can I check to see if my husband has really filed divorce?

Q: My husband has said for the past 2 1/2 weeks that he has already filed or that the process has already started. I’ve checked the website www.nycourts.gov as we live in New York, but nothing comes up. I also checked the Bronx online but nothing comes up. I called the ny clerks county office and they said I should look online. Anything else I can do? Has he possibly not filed? Or is it just not showing up online? We live in the Bronx, NY.

A: David’s Answer: Nothing will come up online until a Request for Judicial Intervention has been filed. Your best bet is to travel to the County Clerk’s office & check their computers, or send someone on your behalf with an authorization (e.g., a process server). Call a Bronx Divorce attorney for more info.

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