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Q: I am a father who has been in my sons life since birth. I often would take care of my son on my days and his mothers days. Me and his mother were never a couple and I recently got back with my ex and my sons mother started creating problems for me. I was brought to family court for a sole legal custody petition, during the first hearing the referee allowed to petitioner to move 100 miles away and it prompted me to get an attorney. The first time I heard about the move was in court. The petitioner stated that since I have objected to the move that she would do all the transportation. Also the petitioner violated the temporary visitation order more than seven times and at the second hearing nothing was said or done about it and I was told I had to do all the transportation now myself. Should I put in a complaint to be reviewed or should I wait till trial?

A: David’s Answer: If she filed a custody petition, you should consider filing a counter-petition and/or an Answer to her Petition. More facts would be needed as to whether you should appeal or merely “await trial.” Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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