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Does my sons biological father have rights?

Q: My son will be 7 years old in October. His father has never met him let alone acknowledged him. He is not on his birth certificate either. Now 7 years later, he all of sudden decided he can no longer live his life knowing he has a son whom hes never met and would like to be in his life. He also told the judge on our first court date after the dna test that he did not want anything to do with the child but that he would pay child support(court ordered by public assistance) I think his issue is that he no longer wants to pay child support and because of the situation (my boyfriend has been raising my son with me since he was one year old) I said no and he said he will see me in court. Does he have any rights?

A: David’s Answer: He does have a right to petition for visitation, though the court may make him do supervised visitation at first until the child is comfortable with him. You may also wish to consider having your boyfriend do a step-parent adoption – especially if you are in a committed, permanent relationship with him. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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