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Do I stand a chance in court? (Cant afford a lawyer so will be pro se).

Q: I took my girls for a trip out of state to visit my extended family on October 21, 2014. This pissed my kids’ mother off and- although there is NO court order prohibiting out of state visits- she decided I would no longer have my court-ordered visits with my daughters. Our case had always been a contested one (I had to take her to court just to be able to see them, CPS false allegations of sexual and physical abuse, etc), and although for 4months I attempted to make contact, I essentially gave up. I took the time to finish school, moved, and began to make contact again on May, 2016. I was stonewalled until July where my girls’ mom said the girls needed clothes and I had to buy them a phone if I wanted to speak to them. I bought everything and sent it to her friend’s house at her request. I tracked the package and it was delivered to the door. It is September and I have yet to hear from her at all. I want to go back to court. Ideally, after some time, I will be able to resume our regular visits. I have emails that show SHE stopped all visits and flatly tells me my girls have another “daddy.” Do I stand any chance? Child support always paid.

A: David’s Answer: It would certainly appear the mother would be violating the order, but depending on the history of your relationship with the children, how far you moved away and other factors, there may be grounds to modify the order as well. You should speak with a Bronx Child Custody attorney further regarding the matter

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