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Do I have to pay alimony to my wife on the same date as my child support is due?

Q: According to our divorce agreement, the child support would be paid on the first of the month, which is $720. She gets $580 for two years, but there is no specific due date on the agreement. While I would pay her alimony in the month, as obligated, I have to live for myself and have my financial obligations where giving her the lump sum difficult

The decree just happened and according to her lawyer, I have to pay up by Friday or they garnish my pay check.

Another issue has to do with our storage room that she agreed to give up. She then changed her mind just as I had left the apartment although the lease still has both our names on it. I was trying to pay her the $30 for the cost of the room since she didn’t want it transferred to my mother’s apartment (we live in the same complex) but she never cashed the check. As it is, everything in that storage room is mine since she cleared out all of her possessions.

What legal recourse do I have if she gets the management property involved and my stuff is thrown out?

As it is I cannot afford an attorney since I had to declare bankruptcy.

A: David’s Answer: It’s unclear what you mean by having to give her the “$580 for 2 years” – do you mean $580 per month in alimony for the next 2 years? If so, and the agreement doesn’t specify on which date of the month you’re supposed to pay, then you would generally need to pay each month but the date may be different than child support. A definitive assessment can only be reached after a full review of the agreement. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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