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Daughter went to live with her dad right before college at 18. Will I have to pay both support and college?21 or senior yr?cred?

Q: She left on her own did not like my rules. I had already completed FAFSA. I had given 1/2 a refundable housing deposit for University of Tampa to secure housing while she was still living with me even though I expressed it maybe too expensive for us. I took her on a SUNY loop. Encouraged her to go to SUNY.

Will I be stuck to pay child support and college. He wants half I make less. He is a construction worker. Does a lot off the books only showing $59,000 in income. I make $50,000

He wants spending money from me for her and also travel expenses.

A: David’s Answer: Generally college expenses are paid pro-rata, meaning a comparison between your income & the father’s. If you cannot agree on the contribution, then either one may file a petition for the issue to be heard by a Family Court Magistrate. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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