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Can the judge allow me to relocate with my child to Michigan front NY .

Q: My son’s father filed for sole custody and he is a drug and alcohol addict. He also is verbally, emotionally and physically abuse towards me. I want to move to my home state with my son for a better quality of life for both of us. My mother ,daughter and siblings are there, i want to go to school and it’s cheaper to live as a single parent in Michigan than NY . Will the judge let me do so.

A: David’s Answer: Possibly – but there are many factors which play into a relocation case, such as agre/preferences of the child(ren), the father’s relative involvement, and what efforts you’ve made to better your financial situation here. At the least, you should file a counter-petition for custody & relocation. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment
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