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Can I take my child in to a shalter without acs the judge or the father consent

Q: Right now I’m in court because acs is claiming I neglect my child and mental abuse when this happened the child was originally living with me and my mom until me and my sister got into an altercation and call the cops and had an order protection placed against me when i was locked up the child father came and picked him up with out my consent along with his clothes , if I was to take the child back and go in to a shalter would I go to jail or would the child end up in Forster care because of my actions

A: David’s Answer: If there is either a court order of custody to the Father or another relative and/or an order of protection barring you from access to the child, then you cannot merely “re-take” custody. If you do so, then it’s arguably custodial interference which is a misdemeanor – in which case you could indeed face jail if you violate the order. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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