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Can I sue the father of my child for a Noninvasive Prenatal DNA Testing? & with this proof could I get support while pregnant?

Q: I fell for a man very fast. He asked me to have a baby almost right away. In the beginning everyone thing was wonderful suddenly he be came dissent and started lying to me all the time. By then I was six weeks pregnant which he was quit happy with. I have lots o text messages between us show this. Once I confronted him about the lying. He then told be that do to the trust issues he no longer wanted me to have the baby. When I told he that I was still going to have the baby he then told me he would be moving to Germany in a couple of months. He makes mid 6 figures. I don’t know how I going to get all I need for the baby before he or she comes. Plus I am a high risk pregnancy so I will not be able to safely continue for much longer. He also know this. What If amthing I able to do?

A: David’s Answer: There is no authority to have DNA ordered prior to the birth. That said, he may be liable for prenatal expenses, as well as child support upon the child’s birth. As such, you can have an attorney intervene and attempt to negotiate an adequate amount of support prior to the birth, with the proviso that same is refundable if the child turns out not to be his. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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