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Can I reopen a divorce case after was finalized?

Q: I finalized the divorce with my ex-spouse a year ago. I sign a No-Fault ground divorce decree. She is a lawyer. When we were married she just to tell me that her Juris Doctor belong to both because I worked while she went to school. I had to admitted when she graduated it was one of the proudest moment of my life. I was a wheelchair technician at the time. After 13yrs the marriage was over. I’m moved to New York because she got hire by Phillips Morris and we have a 7yr old daughter. She remarried. I’m working for the State of CT but I’m struggling because the expenses are higher than Kansas City where we lived before. I just found out that the law degree in fact is a common asset. I put to much on the marriage even my VA loan is attached to the house in Kansas City (I served for 7yrs). The divorce was finalized in White Plains NY.
Please advise.
Thanks, Raul.
Please any information It would be appreciated

A: David’s Answer: First, the ability to share in a spouse’s license or degree was old law – the law has since been amended in New York to vacate that claim. As it was amended last year, however, one would need to know that date of your divorce decree. Even so, there would need to be a basis to re-open the divorce, other than merely “buyer’s remorse.” It may behoove you to schedule a consult with a White Plains Divorce attorney for a full assessment.

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