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Can I get overnight reduced if 7 yr old daughter doesn’t want to sleep over for 2 nights?

Q: My ex has overnight visits every other weekend. Friday after her school program (5-5:30pm) until sunday 4pm. He has never really been involved and has just started overnights in the beginning of July. She has slept over there twice so far and she doesn’t want to do two nights. She called me last time at night crying hysterically wanting me and wanting to go home. I had to try to calm her down and reassured her that I would see her the next day. She has on numerous occasions told my ex that she only wants friday to Saturday and wants to go back Saturday night. He basically tells her she has no choice and then when she gets off the phone she starts crying hysterically. I feel like this huge jump from day visits to two overnights is affecting her. I try very hard to encourage her and reassure her but it breaks my heart seeing her so upset. Can I get his overnight reduced if it affects her so much?

A: David’s Answer:Unfortunately, the Judge may say this is something you either did – or should have – factored in when making the settlement (presuming this was a settlement). If there was an attorney assigned to represent the child, I’d suggest speaking to him/her abut the situation first prior to filing a petition. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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