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Can I get out of affidavit of support? Or is there a way out of this nightmare

Q: Me and my wife have been married for less then a year and it hasn’t been a good marriage. In fact it has been a horrible time even tho we married for love it’s not working out and we are in process of getting the greencard waiting for the interview but we jus can’t get along I feel as if she wants to file for abuse she provokes arguments and records them for what seems as evidence. I don’t feel comfortable in my own home. I want to leave but I’m scared that she will find a way to make me pay for her to live for free she doesn’t even want to work I feel trapped what can I do ?! Why won’t she go back to Spain and stop fighting with me

A: David’s Answer: You would first need to file for divorce. Make sure to keep a paper-trail regarding your efforts to encourage her to find work. As for the “affidavit of support,” you’d need to consult an immigration attorney. Call a Bronx Divorce attorney to schedule a consult to discuss the divorce issue.

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