QThe judge said that he was going to find me guilty no matter what and the second lawyer I had said to take the guilty plea because she can do nothing to help me.under all the stress that i was put through by them i pleaded guilty under the stress.now the fourth lawyer I have helped me to get some of the evidence I needed to prove the neglect charges are false ,that only my lawyer could get, I got the rest on my own.my first child was taken at birth.my second child was also taken at birth because my first child is in foster care and because I didn’t finish all my mandated programs but I finished them all before the termination of parental rights case was started for my second child. Then my third child was taken two weeks after he was born because of the same reasons but he was given back. They don’t want to give me back my other two children.my children were born December 2012, July 2014,December 2015.