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Can a judge grant more child support with proof the dad is working off the books?

Q: I’m in the middle of a child support case and the father claims he only makes $9 per hour (part time at that). It seems as if he has the pay stubs to support it as well. However, he recently posted videos on his social media accounts counting excessive amounts of cash with comments claiming that he works at night and all his money is is made legally. He seems to be hiding this income from the judge to make it seem he’s living below the self support line. Will my videos be enough to prove to a judge he is working off the books and in deed has more money for our daughter?

A: David’s Answer: At the least, he should be cross-examined on the meaning of the videos. It’s hard to say, without seeing the videos, whether they will be sufficient in themselves to help you in your case. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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