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Are there Lawyers who specialize in the father’s rights in New York?

Q: I’m a father who has been fighting for visitation with my son for over a year. The case is being handled by New York. I moved down south and ever since I have only been allowed to see my son if I’m in New York. My Ex wife wants for me to have two weeks in July and two weeks in August. All other visits have to be in New York. I need guidance, what she’s offering doesn’t seem right. The court appointed attorney that I have isn’t helping. I want to be more than a summer dad.

A: David’s Answer: Attorneys usually do not “specialize” but rather “concentrate” in certain fields or practices. That said, you should be wary of attorneys you bill themselves as a “Father’s Rights” lawyer as sometimes (not always) such lawyers have a political agenda & don’t always do what’s best for their clients. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment

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