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19 yr. old daughter wants to start spending the night at boyfriend’s room he rents w/another boy.

Q: I get child support for my 19 yr. old daughter who has a history of depression & hospitalizations. She’s threatening to do overnights @ 24 yr old boyfriend’s room he rents . She does not work & is under psychiatric care. What measures can I take to have her stay home? Call police? or is there nothing I can do?

A: David’s Answer: If you’re the custodial parent for support purposes, then there’s nothing you can do in respect to the child support itself. And because she’s an adult (as of age 18) for custody/visitation purposes, she can do as she pleases. The only exception is if you believe she’s a danger to herself or other (in which case, she’d need to be checked into a psychiatric hospital). Otherwise, you’re under no obligation to continue to allow her to live with you, so perhaps it’s ultimatum time. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Family Law attorney for more info.

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