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Why did Child Support freeze my bank account when my wages are garnished?

Q: Hello,

My wages are garnished and child support services in NY froze my bank account for debt. Child Support entered the wrong number in the beginning and it took out double the amount the first paycheck. An extra $48 was added to the order for retroactive support. Now, my bank is levied for the full amount of the retroactive support. What can I do?

A: David’s Answer: If there is a judgment for the arrears, the mere fact that you have a garnishment on your wages does not prevent SCU from executing the judgment against assets. In the same vein, SCU can also suspend licenses despite the fact that there’s a garnishment in place. Your best shot may be to go there & ask that they unfreeze the account in exchange for your pledge that you’ll use some of the money in the account to pay-off the arrears. Cal a Rockland/Westchester Child Support attorney for more info.

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