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Why am I the only person paying child support?

Q: I pay child support for my daughter because her grandmother (from her father’s side) watches her while I’m working full time and going to school. She takes my daughter to all of her doctor’s appointments, etc. However, at the time we went to court, I was the only one with a job so I had to pay an amount from there on. The father didn’t have a job so he didn’t have to start paying. Three years later, I am still the only parent paying child support while the father isn’t responsible for anything financially. I spoke to Child Support Services and the rep informed me that I would still be responsible for the amount I would owe to child support even if I do not have a job. I asked, “Then what about her father, what does he get away with paying nothing?” and she responded with “I cannot answer that, it’s confidential”. Which I understand, but I know for a fact that he doesn’t pay anything from him telling me himself as well as his mother (Daughter’s grandmother). Now, even more money is being deducted from my paycheck every payday due to “arrears due”. Meanwhile, I pay for everything my daughter needs when I’m with her. I am planning on getting custody back now that I have graduated.

A: David’s Answer : If the grandmother is the custodian of the child, then she COULD sue both you & the father for support, but she doesn’t HAVE to. Your best bet is to petition for custody back – but bear in mind that if the child’s been with the grandmother for 2+ years, it may not be easy to get the child back in your custody. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Support attorney for a full assessment

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