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What part of doctor bills am I responsible for if order states I am responsible for 100%. but the child has insurance in NY state

Q: Custodial parent is asking for doctor payments before submitting to child’s insurance. It seems this dr. is a friend of their family. and they are claiming to they are making cash payments to is dr. But not submitting this through insurance. Support order states I am responsible for 100% medical. Is this before or after insurance. Order doesn’t state.

A: David’s Answer: Most likely the order states “unreimbursed” medical expenses. This implies that if the expenses get reimbursed, then there is nothing you’d need to pay. Thus, communicate back to the custodial parent & request that she submit the bill to the insurance & to let you know the amount you’ll need to pay after they process the claim. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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