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What can be done if NCP does not want to return child at designated court ordered time?

Q: The visitation order says Friday after school till Sunday 4pm alternating weekends. NCP has already expressed to me that he will be returning her at 6pm on Sundays instead and I have not agreed to that. The judge said 4pm on the court order. He has already stated that “it is not what I say and that I do not control the situation anymore”. It is not right that he is trying to freely go around the court order. It has not happened yet but I want to know that if he does do this freely then what can I do? If the order says 4pm then he should follow what it says until the judge changes it, right? We are meeting at a common meeting place since my address is confidential and I do not want to be waiting around for 1-2 hrs for him to drop her off whenever he feels like it and then for me to take public transportation back home.

A: David’s Answer: If the order says 4pm, then any changes must be approved by you or the Judge. Thus, if he violates the order, file a violation petition. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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