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Is NCP supposed to notify me when child gets hurt during his visits?

Q: My daughter who is 6 yrs old has day visits every other Saturday with her Father. He lacks common sense and I always fear of her getting hurt while in his care. This has happened a few times when he used to visit her when she was little before we had a visitation order. Recently he was throwing a frisbee in the park with her and somehow she got hit in the face. From what my daughter told me he was very far away and throwing it with great force. The impact not only hurt her where she started crying and a first aid person had to place ice on her face but she received a pink circle bump on her face and a deep black and blue on the inside of her mouth. When he dropped her off to my father (since we do not come in contact with each other, his request) he did not say anything even when my dad questioned my daughter in front of her father. It wasn’t until he took her upstairs that she told her grandfather there was a black and blue on the inside of her lip. I feel like NCP was being secretive. Is this okay for him to do? If she gets hurt while in her care that he can just ignore it and not say anything to anyone? No phone calls or texts letting me know?

A: David’s Answer: The father should really communicate those things to you – and you vice versa. If he’s not, then you can certainly move to modify the custody/visitation order & include that provision in the order. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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