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How can my daughters father get hit with a acs case when my daughter isn’t part of acs

Q: Had a pyshical fight in front of my children. My two kids I have acs case with was removed from my care but my daughters father have full custody no acs Case with my daughter. Had a child safety conference on Wednesday. Nothing was said about my daughter’s father getting an case. Today is Friday my daughter’s father got a call from acs stating that they want to see him and her. That a call was made anonymously Wouldn’t they have hit him with a case on Wednesday during the child safety conference.

A: David’s Answer: At this point its speculative as to why ACS called the Father. It may be simply to arrange to see the child and/or inspect his home. By regulation, if an investigation is opened by ACS, they must give a letter to the parent called a “notice of existence.” Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for more info.

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