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Friday after school pick up when there is no school that day?

Q: The temporary visitation order I recently received says father will get alternating weekends from friday after school to sunday at 4pm. That is all that is says and nothing else has been discussed as of now. Next hearing is in October. Her after school program and summer camp ends at 5:30pm. If my daughter doesn’t have school that day, then what time is pick up for that day? Is it still the after school time which is 5:30pm?

A: David’s Answer: If the child was previously going to the after-school program during the school year, and continues to go to the after-school program (after camp), then nothing has changed. It would then be a reasonable construction of the order that the pick-up time remains the same. Nevertheless, I’d advise to confirm same with the Father. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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