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Q: An ACS worker came to my home asking for me and the mother of my child since I have had a previous report on me which was unfounded I thought it best to record this conversation. As I went to video record the conversation she refused and walked away handing me her card not before asking if the mother of my children were home, I replied no. She returned A few more times. I asked what are the allegations and she did not tell me saying she will be back with a court order. I do not know the location of my kids or her mother cause she lived in California and I live in New York. Even the father of my step kids is calling me asking as well if I know her whereabouts. I can’t contact her because of a order of protection in place so I’m puzzled why they are coming to my home. Another knock on my door and once again I take out my phone to video record my conversation she is with two officers and hands me a Order for Investigations SEC.1034 to produce the children or to go to court. I say I don’t know the location of the children or their mother and allow the officers in to see no one is home but me. I am being accused of DV as last time and that investigation was unfounded What should I do?

A: David’s Answer: Without seeing the order, I can only say if you have what appears to be a court order requiring you to go to court, you should. That said, there was really no reason to video-record the events in question – for your protection, an audio-recording would’ve done. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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