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Can Ex’s Girlfriend post photos of my daughter on facebook?

Q: My ex and I have a very general visitation order that just addresses phone calls and every other saturday day visits. He lives with his GF. My ex hasn’t been around for the last 6 years of my daughter’s life and has recently gotten visitation. I don’t mind my daughter spending time with her father and his GF. But both of them are not very nice towards me and numerous times have posted indirect facebook posts about me. I just noticed a new post that my EX’s GF had posted and it was a picture of her and my daughter. If it was her father posting photos I would not mind but I barely post photos of my own daughter on social media and it makes me VERY uncomfortable that there are hundreds of people that I do not know seeing a photo of my daughter on this woman’s facebook. Can I do anything about this?

A: David’s Answer: In all likelihood, if it was done via Father’s explicit or implicit consent, then it’s probably acceptable. Once pics are posted on Facebook, they theoretically may be seen by hundreds of people you don’t know – and that includes pics posted on the Father’s wall or even your own wall. For a full assessment, schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney.

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