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Is Their A Section Of The Law That Would Allow Case To Be Reopened? For Ex: A Medical / Psyche Issue.

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Q: I gave my grandchildren to cps in 2008 because i was unable to take care of them safely. The stat of limitations has ran out although i just found out that my name was retained. I had never been informed until i wrote in requesting the result of the adm hearing five years ago. It has taken them a year to send me an answer and they still have not sent the decisIon regarding that hearing. Cps has done everything to deter me from getting the result of that administrative hearing. Every lawyer who i have tried to retain has held on to case for a long period and then dropped it. I don’t even know if i had an appeal. Please help. At thevvery least, i would appreciate telling complete ordeal before making an informed/educated decision. I’m not even given a chance.

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I was not well because my car hit a mountain and my head pushed the windshield and left window. I have had two surgeries. It has taken five years to get answers because i really was not well. Also i was not given a fair chance-no home assessment nor did they take my children.

A: David’s Answer: What did you “not receive notice of?” What are you looking to do, overturn an indicated finding? If yes, when was the indicated finding issued? Schedule a consult with an Orange/Westchester Family Law attorney
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