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What Are His Options? Should He Petition To Be Able To Take Her On The Vacation? How Quickly Can Things Like This Be Decided?

| May 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

Q: My boyfriend has supervised visitation with his daughter(the courts did this just to get the mother to stop with her complaints) His mother is the supervisor. He is filing for regular unsupervised visitation, and later when he has his own place within the next 1-2 years, filing for custody. The maternal grandmother has custody of his daughter. We are planning a vacation to DisneyWorld with my family for the end of August. He has asked the custodian if we would be able to take her on this trip. She will not agree until she finds out if it is ok from the mother(who does not have custody, and has supervised visitation herself). We are approaching the vacation quickly and the mother will not return his phone calls.

A: David’s Answer: Ultimately, if the court has determined he’s to have supervised visitation, it would be the Judge’s call. Thus, if you cannot gain the consent of the grandmother and/or mother, then file a motion before the Judge & ask for the Judge’s permission. Schedule a consult with a Rockland/Westchester Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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