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My ex husband agreed to pay for college, equivalent to a NYS College. What does that mean? He is trying to pay only tuition.

| May 9, 2016 | Uncategorized

Q: My ex has only paid for basic tuition and some fees. He is very wealthy, What is generally included in the cost? The wording is very basic. I was under the impression that it included all the direct and indirect costs of a college education as would be at a SUNY school, as they give a number that is a total cost A college education. Nothing itemized. Also if my son is about to graduate and is past 21 who would go after him, me or my son?

A: David’s Answer: If the wording is “college expenses,” then most Magistrates will construe this to include tuition, fees, room-and-board and necessary books. School supplies and non-mandatory books are usually not included. Moreover, if the wording of the agreement does not specifically include a SUNY cap, then he’ll likely be stuck with paying the pro rata share of private schooling as well. Finally, any application to enforce the agreement is properly brought by you, not your son. Schedule a consult with a NYC Family Law attorney for more info.

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