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I am seeking custody of two boys 2 and 4.also filing for divorce, my wife is a drug addict alcoholic, she was prostituting at

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Q: the house.She put an add up in craigslist to party with her with cocaine. in exchange for sex I caught her and she left the house willingly,I went to court Judge said she cant leave state.. because she was living in conn. the judge said she needs supervised visitation. one hr a week .Tomorrow is Mothers day, she wants to pick up the boys with her dad and take them out for the day.once before she tried to take them from me.shall I trust her to ytake the boys for the day? it is Mothers day?how do I also get her punished for child endangerment and child abuse? I have all the proof on her.

A: David’s Answer: It depends on what the order says in regards to what days she gets visits as well as who can do the supervision. If the order says she gets Sundays – and/or Mother’s Day – and that her father can be the one to do the supervision, then you have to comply. In terms of “proof of child endangerment,” you can ask the court to order an ACS investigation (called a “COI”). Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for more info.

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