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How do I sue Bronx Family Court?

| May 16, 2016 | Uncategorized

Q: I was recently diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome by Family Court. The children’s father is a long time crack dealer who mentally, physically, and emotionally abused me for 15 years at the end of which I was sent to the psych ward and forced to leave the home. The father admitted to homeschooling the children for only three hours a day on the computer and says he supported our family of four for 11 years in 8 residents strictly through an unverified $64,000 received in lump sum. I have a stack of evidence that nobody would look at. The only evidence that was accepted was the father’s testimony. He was awarded full custody and I get no visitation because they say I need help for my Tourette’s Syndrome which I do not have. I am currently seeking psychiatric help for trauma.

A: David’s Answer: First, you cannot sue a court – you can only appeal if you disagree with the Court’s ruling. Second, if the court-appointed psychologist diagnosed you with a certain condition, and you disagreed with that diagnosis, your obligation was to get a 2d opinion & then present that 2d psychologist to the court for testimony at trial. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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