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| May 16, 2016 | Uncategorized

Q: I’ve been divorced since 2011. March of this year, I settled in court for maitnenance payments. which was an order in court decree. My attorney has not drawn up the paperwork yet, and the only reson I know is beacause after calling him numberous times and he not responding to me Ieft me no choice but to call the court clerk, and they are waiting on him to prepare the DRO so they can commense and send docs to the NYS Retirement plan. Is there any legal way I can speak with someone in the courts about this situation. Lost for words. Desperately need help in this matter. Thank you.

A: David’s Answer: Your old lawyer is most likely treating this as a post-judgment application, which would require a new retainer. The lawyer is also not obligated to accept the new retainer. That said, you generally don’t need a lawyer to have a QDRO drafted – use a service instead. The one I use most frequently is Lexington Pension Appraisal (you can google them). Call a NYC Family Law attorney for more info.

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