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Can my Grandparents visit in addition to me?

| May 16, 2016 | Uncategorized

Sometimes custodial parents agree to visits for the non-custodial parent, but then say s/he can’t have their parents (child’s grandparents) present for the visits. What to do?

File a Grandparent Visitation Petition
You can have your parents file a grandparent visitation petition with the Family Court. Generally Family Court will grant grandparents a visit either each month or every other month. If the custodial parent is denying grandparents access – and they live relatively far away from the non-custodial parent, then this may be considered as an option.

Document the Denial of Access
Have your parents attempt to resolve the access issue before filing with the petition. Have them write a letter or e-mail to the custodial parent and state how they have previously had a good relationship with their child (providing details of same) & that they wish to continue. Have them ask the custodial parent to provide any reasons why the access is being denied. Ultimately, the Court needs to rule that “equity sees fit to intervene,” and that’s why it’s important to document the formerly good relationship and the lack of a good reason why access is now being denied.

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