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April 2016 Archives

Can I Appeal The Decision And Re-file For The Annulment

Q: I was not served with my divorce judgement I had to pay the county clerk to obtain a copy. Within it it states the divorce was granted under default which no court date was given to me for me to even show up. I made all court appearances and was under the impression that the divorce was dismissed based off of the letter I received in January 2016 but now March 2016 I was told I was divorced and paid for the papers. My annulment was pending in another county when this all happened and was dismissed when the other judge spoke to my judge but I was not given any paperwork other than what I paid for.

How Do I Stop A No-contest Divorce Action? Is It A Form I Have To File With The Courts? I Only Have A Week Left.

Q: I was served with divorce papers in which my husband wants it to be uncontested. I will possibly grant the divorce but I do not agree to the terms. I know its probable that I will hire an attorney soon but for now I just want to stop or stay this divorce action so that it doesn't default to him, and he get everything. I've done some research but I have not been able to get a specific answer of how to take this first step and, time being of the essence, I'm getting stressed. All we have is some investments and a dwelling and we don't make much, we live very simply. No retirement accounts or insurances or anything else and we are both pretty much retired. Thank you in advance, for your help.

How Do I Serve Papers For Child Support Hearing When I Don't Know The Respondent's Location?

Q: I live in NY and have a Child Support order with my ex. I recently filed a petition for modification but have not seen nor heard from my ex in over 8years. I spoke with the Family Court prior to filing the modification and they had told me that all I needed to do was put his address as "Unknown/On File with Support Collection Unit" and that they would have them served to him. Apparently this is incorrect and now I have to get him served. How do I serve someone when I don't have contact information for him? The support collection unit has his location but won't share the information.

What Are My Options? Has My Husband Kidnapped Our Child And Isn't This An Offense Since There's No Date To Return My Child.

Q: Father has taken our child without me knowing of the whereabouts and I have not spoken to our child, and he won't tell me where they are. He said he wasn't bringing back our son. My child hasn't been in school since he took him. What options do I have? I've tried filing a missing report but I was told to wait until contacted.

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