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It was suggested to have divorce settlement agreement reopened and amended for fraud instead of just money owed he could file bk

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Q: In 2012, my now ex-husband whom I loved and adored for some thirty years decided we should sell our 700,000 plus home and move to his native Dominican Republic and build our dream house. We would live off our investments and my social security while he wound down our business in New York. Our primary residence sold and there was a 400,000 profit. I was a little surprised when he announced that at the closing he had requested separate checks for us. He sent me to the island to oversee building of house on a piece of land we bought near his family, I find out it’s not in my name, his and his mother’s, my money. house ends up built on his family land.. my half is in the house he divorces me. no lawyer online service together. I don’t speak language and have no where to go. promises and I give 60,00 more for house to be finished. I was so mentally anguished I did anything he wanted hoping to reconcile. He won’t pay me back 60,000 I gave him after divorce. He kept house land in DR, business, cars etc. I live with my sister in a back bedroom. I am on SS for depression since 15 year

A: David’s Answer: You may very well have learned a powerful lesson that it’s best to have an attorney representing you – or at least consult one. Ultimately if you were divorced & there was no reference to the property, then it may be extremely hard to re-open the divorce at this point. That said, it certainly pays to schedule a consult with a Dutchess/Westchester Divorce attorney for a full assessment. – David Bliven, Westchester Divorce Attorney.

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