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Are Alimony And Maintanance The Same Thing? And If The Ex Remarries Do Those Payments End/

| Feb 19, 2016 | Uncategorized

Q: hi i i live in new york state but pay child support in Indiana to my ex wife ..my kids are in their late thirtys and are all grown ..i checked into my situation and was told that if my ex wife writes a letter i won’t have to pay anymore. i was told i owe 165.000 in support even though i am paying it now and have been.i got a bill from support and collections for maintanance .i thought if she remarries im not responsible for alimony or maintenance any more .is this true/ because she has had 3 husbands since me….

A: David’s Answer: In NY, the proper term is “maintenance,” but many other states call it “alimony.” It generally means the same thing – the financial support of an ex-spouse. That said, if the “maintenance/alimony” order is also from Indiana, then you’d need to consult an attorney there.

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