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I dont have funds to pay my ex wife per our agreement. What are the implications of that? What do I do prospectively?

Q: I’m divorced two years through a collaborative settlement process. I was unemployed during negotiations and agreed to a reasonable amount of expected salary in determining monthly alimony and support.

After two years, I have actively applied to literally over a thousand positions to no avail. I have exhausted all assets to my name and now can’t afford to pay any alimony or child support. The only asset I have is stock from a prior employer to which my ex owns 50%. The stock will be monetized only when the company is sold which is likely a few years away.

I’m hopeful Ill get a job soon but it will likely be at a lower level. My ex wants her monthly money now. What do I do now and what can I expect ?

A: David’s Answer: If you need to modify the divorce settlement, it’s best you file an order to show cause sooner rather than later. Be prepared to document all the attempts you’ve made to secure commensurate employment. Schedule a consult with a NYC Divorce attorney for a full assessment. — David Bliven, Bronx Divorce Attorney, (www.Blivenlaw.net.)

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