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Want to know what I need to do (behind the scenes) to prepare for a divorce?Want to know what I need to do (behind the scenes) to prepare for a divorce?

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Q: Married 10 years. Have 5 yo. Both working with good jobs. Long term extramarital affair. We have separate checking/savings accts as well as mutual “house” accts. Own a home and other investment properties. Husband is an attorney and works for govt.

A:David’s Answer: The answer to your question depends on what issues you believe will be contested. Is custody an issue? If so, document your involvement with the child – and your spouse’s relative lack of involvement (if that’s the case). Start planning what will happen with the house and other assets – start gathering all the statements now – as well as the statements of the value of same when you originally got married. Then call a Westchester Divorce attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. – David Bliven, Westchester Divorce Attorney.

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