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Is There A Legalese Way To Describe Responding To A Combative Tone With The Same? In A Certification That Is.

| Dec 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

Q: My attorney is making a motion to modify a consent order. My spouse’s response to my certification contained several unrelated, damaging, and falsehood designed to make me look bad to the court. My reply tried to correct the lies, clarify the situation and also took every opportunity to inform the court of who they were dealing with.
Is there a legalese term for fighting fire with fire?

A: David’s Answer: Other than “rebutting” what was alleged, as well as setting forth why it’s irrelevant, no. That said, hopefully your attorney will let you know it’s relatively difficult to modify a consent order (especially if it was recently done). For a 2d opinion, call a White Plains Family Law attorney to schedule a consult.

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