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How to minimize the amount of Maintenance as well as the duration for which I’d have to pay it.

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Q: Hello,
I am 38 year old male looking to divorce my wife who is 40.
We were married and live in New York, Bronx.
We are already separated and I have moved out.
We have an 11 year old daughter.
I expect that I will have to pay child support and Maintenance.
We don’t really own much assets – just a car and some household Items + some savings in a bank account.
I am not that affluent (make about $50,000 per year driving a truck)
I currently rent an apartment and support my wife and daughter voluntarily which pretty much exhausts my monthly income.
I expect that my wife will make every effort to get part of whatever assets I/we have and and a Maintenance.
My wife did not work when I meat her, so following our marriage, she did not have to give up work or any other potential opportunities to look after our child. She also had no intention/plans to work during our marriage.
My wife has another child – now 17 year old from a previous marriage.

A: David’s Answer:  If you only make $50,000 annually, then any maintenance you pay would b e relatively minimal anyway given that you’d also be liable t pay child support. That said, you can keep a paper-trial & confirm you’ve been encouraging her to find work & are continuing to do so (forward her job listings which you think she may qualify for). You should also schedule a consult with a NYC Divorce attorney for a full assessment. — David Bliven, Bronx Divorce Attorney, (www.Blivenlaw.net)

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