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How do I ensure that my spouse can’t claim to have any rights to the house I’m b or its equity during filing and actual divorce?

Q: I’m married with kids but seperated. She has sole custody and sending me through the ringer in family court. I want to buy a house but don’t want my spouse to have any claims to the house or its assets now nor when the divorce is finalized.

A: David’s Answer: The best way is to file for divorce asap & get her served – well in advance if going ahead with the purchase. technically, if you use marital funds (i.e., money earned during marriage up to commencement of divorce case) for the down payment, she may be able to claim some of that money back. Call a NYC Divorce attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. — David Bliven, Bronx Divorce Attorney, (www.Blivenlaw.net.)

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