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Divorce and children involved not sure what question to ask

| Dec 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

Q: My husband and I have always had a rocky relationship 2 yrs ago we moved to NJ to save up for a better life in the south. Eventually things took a toll for the worst. Mychildren and I came to the Bronx with my mom and he went to Queens with his sister. I don’t want my children in the city (ages 1, 5, and 8). I have now decided to move to NC with my father being it offers better accommodations, people and education for myself and children. My father has already paid for our tickets which are scheduled for departure early December 2015. My husband is infuriated! I’ve been letting him take the kids to his sisters house every weekend since my mother threw him out but he insists on threatening to take me to court as he feels I am keeping him from his kids if I leave NY! HOW SHOULD I RESPOND?

A: David’s Answer:  If your Husband does not expressly consent, then you need court permission to move. Bear in mind this process takes several months, so you probably won’t be able to move by next month. You can either file a divorce case & handle the issue there, or file a custody/relocation case in Family Court. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Divorce attorney for a full assessment. — David Bliven, Bronx Divorce Attorney, (www.Blivenlaw.net)

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