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Can I travel outside of the USA while having a family court case open in court? Do I have to notify acs about my trip?

| Dec 12, 2015 | Uncategorized

Q: I have a family court case open. I’m being charged with child abuse and sexual abuse of my son. Both of my children were removed. My daughter has been returned home since she is 12 and requested to be home. My son on the other hand who has behavioral issues is still in foster care and does not wish to have visitations with me.

A: David’s Answer: You should at the least inform ACS of the trip, especially if you plan to travel with the child. If they approve the trip, get written confirmation of their approval (or alternatively write a letter to them confirming the conversation in which they gave their approval). If they do not expressly approve the trip, you should get the permission to travel form the Judge. Call a Bronx Family Law attorney to schedule a consult for more info.

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