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Is the noncustodial parent required to bring their W2 form to court for childsupport? If not,can the custodial parent request it

| Nov 23, 2015 | Uncategorized

Q: My daughters father never brings his W-2 to court, he brings his pay stubs. The problem is that he makes arrangements with his job to have them pay him half of his pay off the books. He does this when he receives notice from the court for childsupport. So on the court day it appears that he doesnt make any money. I know of this because his wife who is now separated from him told me.

A: David’s Answer: Yes, he is supposed to bring all his mandatory disclosure with him, including the W-2 and financial disclosure affidavit. That said, off-the-books income would not generally be reflected on the W-2 either – you may need to subpoena the employer’s records. Schedule a consult with a Dutchess/Westchester Family Law attorney for a full assessment. –David Bliven, Westchester Child Support Attorney (www.Blivenlaw.net)

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