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How strict / far reaching are harassment laws?

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Q: I am a 63 years old man. One year ago I met a woman of similar age in the apartment building where I live. After about three months, due only to a minor disagreement, she ended the friendship. She did so verbally and by sending me a written note. Now nine months later, I would like to send her a holiday card with a note explaining that I miss her and would like to talk to her. A friend is telling me that because she ended the friendship so firmly – my card could be considered a form of harassment – sending unwanted mail. Is this true? I would appreciate a legal opinion. Thank you.

A: David’s Answer: Usually harassment involves a pattern of conduct, or communication clearly intended to “annoy or alarm” a person. One would think a holiday card,, nicely written, wouldn’t constitute such harassment. For a full assessment, you’re best advised to schedule a consult with a Dutchess/Westchester Domestic Violence attorney. David Bliven, Westchester Domestic Violence Attorney (www.blivenlaw.net)

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