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False allegations to law enforcemet, animal control and CPS made by a vindictive neighbor.

| Nov 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

Q: Neighbor above us running/jumping child & father.Tried friendly approach to no avail.They continually called police falsely alleging noise between 1-2 am for almost 2 months.Our special needs toddler developed night terrors, now doing double counseling.During a visit from my sons school false allegation 2 arrived by way of animal control.Social worker was in my house concerned about the neighbors noise & verified my dog was not barking. Neighbor went to mgmt laughing at situation saying they were pounding on their own floor with a hammer taping it & supplying to police. Mgmt moved them.2 months to get my special needs toddler back in his own bed after almost 2 months of husband & I taking turns onsofa to wait for the police.much more to story.3rd false allegation was to cps. still no help.

A:David’s Answer: I’m not sure I understand what your issue is. Are you looking to sue someone for the false reports? If so, you’d need to write to OCFS in Albany to obtain the reports to discovery who was calling them in. Are you looking for representation regarding the CPS investigations? If so, you’d need to call an Orange/Westchester Child Abuse defense attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. – David Bliven, Westchester Child Abuse Attorney, (www.Blivenlaw.net)

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