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Am I Obligated To Sit Down With My Ex Wife With Parent Coordinator, If I Have Nothing To Discuss?

| Nov 14, 2015 | Uncategorized

Q: My stipulation states ” In the event the parties cannot agree on a parenting issue, other than medical or educational issues, the parties agree to meet with a parent coordinator” . It also states ” Furthermore, the obligation to consult with the parent coordinator shall terminate on or before the 3rd anniversary of the signing of this stipulation” It was signed 6/3/2013. My ex is constantly bringing up to meet with a parent coordinator when she doesn’t get her way. In the past, I have had no issues with changing their doctor and dentist. I have remarried and had a baby and am badgered by my ex from time to time. CAn she make an application to the court to get me to go…..I have always told her to call me to discuss any issues. Is it expired since it states on or before?

A: David’s Answer: First, if the agreement provides you have to meet with the parenting coordinator, then you have to go or risk violating the agreement. That said, if the agreement has a termination clause, you may be able to use it to vacate the PC provision. However, you should bring the agreement into a Westchester Family Law attorney for a full review & assessment.

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