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November 2015 Archives

In A No Fault Or Uncontested Divorce What Can A Spouse Collect Money On?

Q: If one spouse does not truthfully show his earnings can I bring that before the judge? If the person has annuity money left from a dead family member can the other spouse collect on this? What if there is a accident during a marriage and the spouse was able to collect money (whether the child has the accident or the parent) can the other spouse collect on this? Can a spouse be awarded any monies on a uncontested or no fault divorce?

How Do I Get Child Support From A Green Card Holder Of The Usa If I Am Living In Jamaica?

Q: The father of my child migrated from Jamaica last year Oct and got married to a US citizen. He refuses to take care of his child. What can i do from here? At times i don't feel like reaching out to him because he doesn't even try but it is really hard at times being a single mom and paying all the bills.

False allegations to law enforcemet, animal control and CPS made by a vindictive neighbor.

Q: Neighbor above us running/jumping child & father.Tried friendly approach to no avail.They continually called police falsely alleging noise between 1-2 am for almost 2 months.Our special needs toddler developed night terrors, now doing double counseling.During a visit from my sons school false allegation 2 arrived by way of animal control.Social worker was in my house concerned about the neighbors noise & verified my dog was not barking. Neighbor went to mgmt laughing at situation saying they were pounding on their own floor with a hammer taping it & supplying to police. Mgmt moved them.2 months to get my special needs toddler back in his own bed after almost 2 months of husband & I taking turns onsofa to wait for the police.much more to story.3rd false allegation was to cps. still no help.

Is the noncustodial parent required to bring their W2 form to court for childsupport? If not,can the custodial parent request it

Q: My daughters father never brings his W-2 to court, he brings his pay stubs. The problem is that he makes arrangements with his job to have them pay him half of his pay off the books. He does this when he receives notice from the court for childsupport. So on the court day it appears that he doesnt make any money. I know of this because his wife who is now separated from him told me.

If a gay couple were married in NY by a preacher prior to legal gay marriage is that marriage now recognized?

Q: My spouse was married in a same sex ceremony in the late 1990s by a preacher in New York City. I found this out in May. We are now separating and I want to know if gay marriages prior to legalization are retroactively recognized.

Life Insurance Policy On Divorce Settlement Agreement.

Q: My former suppose and I agreed in settlement that we will both purchase and keep life insurance policies on which our kids will be beneficiaries, and my ex will be an owner of my policy and I will be an owner of his policy. My ex policy is a group policy owned by the company so they can't add anyone else as an owner.
He keeps loosing jobs every year and once he leave his employer they don't continue the life insurance policy so I suggested him getting private one - he disagrees (as always). What to do in situation like that? Also we had a deadline to obtain policies and he missed that deadline by month.

Can I Sue For A False Warrant

Q: So I finished my probation a couple months ago.. And recently I was on a cruise our first stop was Florida. The police come onto the ship arrested me for a warrant for probation when I finished it.. The probation officer called them to say there should have been no warrant but wasn't good enough.. The probation officer had to go to the judge and have him clear it which he did within a couple hours. So I was arrested and jailed for no reason what are my options

Is a self-drafted, signed and dated document outlining a debt payment plan a legal and binding document between spouses?

Q: My spouse and I are in the process of going our separate ways. For my financial security and peace of mind we've discussed and agreed on a plan to assume equal responsibility for outstanding debt. Payment details have been specified in a written document for which we intend to sign two respective copies. Does this in effect represent and legal and binding document that either party can be held accountable for in a court of law both pre/post divorce? If not, what would be the best remedy to establish an agreement/document that can be enforced in a court of law? Thank you

Can I get back money my wife sent to her family without my consent.

Q: We both have been seeing a mediator attorney to draft a settlement agreement since Feb. In May, she moved about $65,000 via Electronic Fund Transfer, she admitted, to her family. I do not approve of this. She is also paying for future college costs (her college) in advance. She currently controls much more money than I do. Do I have a case to sue to get that back (or a credit for it in splitting the assets) if she refuses to agree to it in the agreement, understanding that it might mean going the Lawyer route instead of mediation?

My divorce lawyer witness my ex husband givingbme 65% of 1.66 million dollars now he wants to get out the contract help

Q: I have a contract with my ex husband for 65 % of 1.66 million dollars and a witness to him signing the contract he is fighting the contract i want my money for my kids i need help

Can I get a restraining order against someone who threaten to call ACS and take me to court under false pretenses

Q: My husbands mother threaten to take us to court and call ACS on us for our child I have text message we are both great parents with no criminal background she is just being vengeful but i still want her to stop

Can my son's father take him out of state for his visitation weekend with out asking?

Q: I have full custody and he has visit. 2 weekends a month last visitation he txt me saying he was going to be 10 min late because of traffic. I happened to be going the same way to our meet up so I know there wasn't any traffic on at less on the main road. All I got from the father was a laugh and a "sorry hit traffic" (he is always 2-5 min late due to traffic) I asked my son how did he hit traffic&he said he had to pack and then they hit traffic only later to find out later that my son was in another state he never said anything about it, this is the second time he brought my kid out of state with out ok the first time he had ask if he could also keep him another day I never said yes when I txt to make sure I was getting back as usual I got a oh well he was keepin him & he was 30min late

Am I Obligated To Sit Down With My Ex Wife With Parent Coordinator, If I Have Nothing To Discuss?

Q: My stipulation states " In the event the parties cannot agree on a parenting issue, other than medical or educational issues, the parties agree to meet with a parent coordinator" . It also states " Furthermore, the obligation to consult with the parent coordinator shall terminate on or before the 3rd anniversary of the signing of this stipulation" It was signed 6/3/2013. My ex is constantly bringing up to meet with a parent coordinator when she doesn't get her way. In the past, I have had no issues with changing their doctor and dentist. I have remarried and had a baby and am badgered by my ex from time to time. CAn she make an application to the court to get me to go.....I have always told her to call me to discuss any issues. Is it expired since it states on or before?

Will getting married to someone who doesnt have income void my alimony

Q: My kids father and I divorced this year. My boyfiend and I would like to get married. My divorce decree states hat I am to receive alimony til 2020. My boyfriend does not have income nor will be living with me for a couple years til he finishes school. So he wont be contributing to the household for a while. Will my alimony become void if I get married. The decree doesnt say anything about getting married to 2020

How can I legally set restrictions to my parents involvement in the lives of my 3 children?

Q: I was sexually abused by my step-father 20 years ago. I disclosed the abuse to my mother 6 months after the abuse started and nothing was done. My step-father stayed in our lives. I was never abused again but my step father has never sought therapy or given any reason to believe that the abuse stopped for any reason other than that he was caught. now after 20 years and 2 year of continuous therapy, I have come to realize the extent of emotional damage caused by the abuse and lack of any type of justice.I am fully aware of the statute of limitations and am only seeking to protect my 3 children. Their father is compliant to some extent but has lied to me about visits my children made to my mother and step-father in an effort to pacify my mother & step fathers need to see them.

I Left My Husband And Took My Two Young Children With Me To Relocate Temporarily To My Fathers House. The Marriage Has Been

Q: on the rocks and he has been a non contributor financially, emotionally and as a parent. It has escalated to physical (although I am not injured), and he has damaged my clothing, took some of my jewelry, ect. I need to know what course of action I should take. I am reluctant to get the PD and/or CPS involved, but do want to protect myself and my children, until I can determine if I am going to seek a divorce. Am I doing anything that can hurt me legally?

Can Photos Be Used In A Domestic Violence Case Later On?

Q: If party A goes to jail for a assault on party B and Party A comes out of Jail because Party B does not have photos, can any photos be used later on? Party B says the police took photos but when party A got arrested the police said there was no bruises. Could the police have taken the photos and found there was no bruises on party B and that's why they were not used?

Can Photos Be Used In A Domestic Violence Case Later On?

Q: If party A goes to jail for a assault on party B and Party A comes out of Jail because Party B does not have photos, can any photos be used later on? Party B says the police took photos but when party A got arrested the police said there was no bruises. Could the police have taken the photos and found there was no bruises on party B and that's why they were not used?

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