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Can i file a lawsuit for abuse and harassment?

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Q: My girlfriend’s sister is constantly abusing me:

-When i accidentally had all the popcorn, she SCREAMED at me and told me off and criticized me
-When my Tourettes acted up, she started screaming at me and telling me off and lecturing me and criticizing me
-When i make a simple mistake (like spilling a bit of water) she screams at me and starts criticizing me
-If i bump in to her accidentally, she starts screaming at me
-She tells my girlfriend and her family bad things about me (all false/made up) and turns them against me
Can i file a lawsuit for abuse and harassment?

A: David’s Answer: No. In short, she has freedom of speech which would protect insulting language. Under these circumstances, it’s best to have a frank discussion with your girlfriend and state if the behavior doesn’t stop, or she’s kept away from you, the relationship may need to end. Call a Westchester Domestic Violence attorney for more info. David Bliven, Westchester Domestic Violence Attorney (www.blivenlaw.net)

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